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Let’s be honest: between the sink, dishwasher, toilet, and tub, there’s a lot of plumbing in the average home, and any of that might need our plumbing services. Toilet clog or not running properly? Outdoor Faucet leaking? We offer all the plumbing repair and maintenance services in the Washington DC and Rockville, MD areas you need to keep everything flowing properly!

Fast Emergency Plumbing Service Clogged Pipes Washington D.C

If you’re facing a plumbing emergency, contact us immediately at (202) 246-9380 for plumbing repairs. We’re always available to take your call and can dispatch an expert plumber to your home 24 hours a day. You’ll speak to Jimmy Gusky himself; give a quick explanation of the situation and we’ll get right to work.

Leak Repair

Besides being downright annoying, a constant leak is a waste of water and can add a surprising amount to your bill every month. Sometimes it’s a damaged dishwasher seal or the use of a wrong soap; other times the drain hose has a loose or damaged valve; or maybe it’s just a clog in the drain. Whether it’s the fridge, dishwasher, or garbage disposal that’s giving you a headache, trust that we’ll find the root of the leak, fix it for you efficiently and even clean up the drains while we’re at it!

Drain Cleaning

Keeping your drains clean and working properly is the key to ensuring their longevity. To help our clients maintain excellent drain system functionality, Jimmy Gusky offers proactive drain cleaning services to commercial and residential properties. Whether your business can benefit from cost-saving maintenance plans or simply needs a thorough cleaning, you can count on our expertise to get the job done quickly and effectively.

Sewer Line Repair

Commercial sewer lines are more prone to leaks and breakage, so keeping one step ahead of these issues is imperative. Jimmy Gusky provides around-the-clock assistance to prevent and treat clogs in your sewer lines, along with regular repair services when needed. By keeping those issues at bay, you’re free to focus on the more important things you want to get done!

Outdoor Plumbing Repair

It’s not just your dishwasher or fridge that needs work; after all, during the summer, how often do you use outdoor faucet to water the garden or wash the car? If they start leaking, not only can it lead to higher utility bills, it can also cause flooding. If you have a leaking spigot, we’ll discover the source, disassemble and replace any parts, and put it all back together. If it’s leaking from a damaged pipe in the water or sewer lines, we can provide emergency pipe and faucet repair, too!

Regular Plumbing Maintenance

We believe in a proactive approach to HVAC upkeep. This means analyzing your current plumbing systems at regular intervals to catch potential leaks and other inefficiencies before they become too costly. Whether it’s basic tub and toilet repair or a comprehensive rework of your plumbing system, we’ll be there to advise you on the best choices for your home or business. We look to minimize the chance of having a clogged pipe, which leads to less likelihood in leaks as it'll properly drain.

Committed to Your Happiness

Part of our commitment to great service means we’re always prepared to offer helpful suggestions that will save you on expensive plumbing repairs and utility bills down the road, but we’ll never push you. Our maintenance plans have helped to prevent problems for many customers in the area, and they’ve shown appreciation. That’s been an important part of the way we conduct business since our founding: if you’re happy with our service, you’ll likely recommend a friend. That principle has kept us in business for years, and we look forward to following it for many more to come!

No matter what plumbing problem you’re facing, give us a call for Rockville, MD and Washington DC at (202) 246-9380 for more information or to schedule a service.

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